About Me


Snake Arabic (Snarabic)

My first project from web dev bootcamp! Right-to-left game dev!


My second project from web dev bootcamp! Linguistic atlases!


My third project from web dev bootcamp! Beautiful geometric art!

SAMSAMPS – a RAMPS variant by Samsam, for Samsam

RAMPS 1.4 is a great tool for controlling 3D printers, but it can't satisfy everyone. Here's my personal take on this Open Source triumph.

Irregular gears

We've all seen videos of oddly shaped gears, right? Squares and ovals that mesh nicely? I wrote some code to make truly unconventional shapes, like video game characters.

One RGB LED controlled by 12 switches (and a knob)

We did it wrong. On purpose. As a joke.

Cheroquee, a proof-of-concept programmable marquee display

Let's make more orthographies available for those LED displays you see in cafeterias and bus stops!

I.A.G.O., the Pen Plotter

A hypothetical job-interview robot comes to life!

Projective Set

My favorite card game and its elusive history.

Hourly Comics

Sometimes I put very personal stories on the internet.


Tiny blimps! What more do you need?


A word game for you and your friends (assuming you and your friends like word games)

Cake Machine

A minor obsession - Coming soon!

How to Really Whistle

A linguistic footnote that took me around the world - Coming soon!