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Και τα λοιπά

Here's where I put odds and ends that aren't "big" enough for a full project write-up but that I still want to share.

2019-03-24: What city has the most consecutive tittles?

2019-03-09: My first electronics tutorial video! Building a sawtooth oscillator from discrete components.

2019-02-10: Two quick tweaks for 3D Printers running RAMPS and Marlin

2018-08-03: My increasingly-convoluted keyboard shortcut system for special characters

2016-06-01: Animated SolidWorks render of my favorite cake machine

2016-05-24: 8-bit Cherokee Font for Video Games

2016-05-14: Color-coded phonological features table for students

2014-08-06: Laȝamon's Brut: a Partial Verse Translation

2013-03-14: A Shaggy Dog Story for Phonologists