About Me

Samuel Joseph Ettinger (dot net)

This will have to suffice until I earn a .aq TLD

Dangeresque 3 production update! Day 114: Things are coméing along right on schedule. So far, we seem to have only hit one major snag. Um, and that is I haven't um, made Dangeresque 3 yet.
--Strong Bad

September 10, 2016 update: Tweaks to the CSS and header. I'm slowly modernizing the layout (i.e. making it accessible to different screen resolutions) without sacrificing the Web-1.0 aesthetic that I love so very very much.

May 25, 2016 update: I've updated my résumé, added some linguistics things to the Projects and &c. sections, and updated the dumb gears that I love so much.

(If you're here to learn about cake, you have to go to my other website.)